Fly Cirrus Aircraft’s newest and best airplane – the SR22T G5. At the present time this is the only SR22 G5 available on a rental basis anywhere in the San Diego area. This is a unique opportunity to join with the owner and a select few other pilots, to rent this fabulous airplane. There is no up-front buy-in or joining fees or long term commitments.  The airplane is hangered at Circle Air at KSEE with concierge service provided for members. A text or phone call before flight will insure the airplane is staged and ready for your flight and put away after. The beautiful facilities and amenities at Circle Air’s recently remodeled headquarters is a benefit not available at any other club in San Diego. Visit their website at www.circleag.com.

The 2013 G5 has a maximum gross weight of 3,600 pounds, a 200 pound increase over previous models, allowing more fuel or passengers for increased utility. The airplane has every option that Cirrus provides, including twin turbochargers enabling a climb at 100% power to 18,000 feet, Iridium satellite system facilitating voice and text communication at any altitude, on-board oxygen allowing flight to 25,000 feet, ice protection for flight into known ice conditions (FIKI), envelope protection to prevent airspeeds that are too slow or too fast, enhanced stability protection (ESP) providing opposing stick force to correct an excessive bank or pitch, a 50% flap speed of 150 knots compared to 119 knots in previous models, and of course the famous Cirrus parachute system for unparalleled safety.


Transition Training

Cirrus Aircraft has developed a flexible scenario based training program for pilots transitioning to Cirrus aircraft with a variety of experience levels. Specifically, the training options fall into four categories as follows:

1. Cirrus Transition Designed to achieve VFR proficiency in a Cirrus aircraft for the pilot with no previous Cirrus experience. Average completion time is 3 days.
2. Advanced Transition Designed for the proficient instrument rated pilot to achieve the skill required for an instrument proficiency check. Since our insurance requires an instrument rating, the Advanced Transition program would represent the minimum proficiency level. Average completion time is 5 days.
3. Avionics Differences Designed for the pilot with Cirrus experience using a different avionics package such as Avidyne or non Perspective G1000. Average completion time is 1 day.
4. Powerplant and Airframe Differences Designed for the pilot transitioning from a different Cirrus model such as an SR20 or non-turbo SR22. Average completion time is 1 day.

For detailed information about each transition program, see Cirrus Transition Training.


daveDave Simpson is a Master and Gold Seal CFI with over 5,000 hours of flight experience and is the owner of Take Flight San Diego based at KSEE. He is also a Cirrus Standardized Training Program instructor (CSIP). Find out more at www.takeflightsandiego.com.










This airplane is owned by a single individual who established Fly By Night Leasing Inc in order to lease flying rights to a select group of member pilots.


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